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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Music Delivery System, Symphony Orchestra, Florida Philharmonic, P.A.C.E, Performing Arts for Community Education, . Performing Arts, Community Concerts, music and education, music education, Music Performance Trust Funds, MPTF, Miami Symphony Orchestra, Young Audiences, Hospital Audiences, HAI, Affiliate Artists, Arts Management, Arts Marketing, American Symphony Orchestra League, Rod Glaubman, Stephen Parsons


A music delivery system is the catalyst which helps translate the musical needs of audiences, performers, and the general community into live performances. The traditional models for the delivery of the performing arts were failing. A new model was needed.

Long before the music delivery system model would be described, two Miami teenagers had a innate understanding of the failures of the traditional models. In 1968 they conceived of the structure that was to become P.A.C.E. Concerts. The Theoretical model was put into practice by the Miami-based P.A.C.E. Concerts.

This paper summarizes the failures of the current models, analyzes alternative models, and how P.A.C.E. Concerts created a new model.

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