Theses/Dissertations from 1969

Physiological And Teratological Effects Of Epinephrine And Vasopressin Onthe Fetal Rat, Neil Chernoff

A Study Of Flexible Scheduling In Selected Public Junior High Schools In Dade County, Florida, Alvis Lee Corum

The Relationship Of Selection Factors In The Cuban Teacher Retraining Program To The Effective Classroom Performance Of Cuban Teachers, J Michael Davis

Ecologic Interpretation Of Distribution Of The Lanternfishes (myctophidae) In The Straits Of Florida, Thomas Devany

Thymineless Death Reversal In Escherichia Coli 151, Francisco Antonio De Velasco

Psychological Changes Associated With Pregnancy And Obstetric Complications, Kenneth Robert Edwards Jr.

Some Motivating And Reinforcing Functions Of An Auditory Stimulus, Walter Michael Farrell

The Metabolism Of The Carcinogen 4-Aminobiphenyl, Enrique Fefer

Geology Of The Guadeloupe Region, Lesser Antilles Island Arc, Loyd Kenneth Fink Jr.

A Study Of The Self-Concept Of The Young Child: Comparison Of Three Age Levels, Edith Anne Fiore

Attention To Color-Form Stimuli As A Function Of Stimulus Parameters And The Level Of Adaptation In Normal And Mentally Retarded Children, Grad Leo Flick

Time And Place In The Work Of Robert Herrick, Phyllis P. Franklin

Heterogeneity And Specificity Of Rat Liver Nad Glycohydrolase, Laphalle Fuller

Effects Of Promise Credibility, Outside Options And Social Contact On Interpersonal Conflict, James P. Gahagan

An Investigation Of The Influence Of Teacher Anxiety Upon The Anxiety Level Of Students From The Lowest Socio-Economic Level, Tricia A. Godshall

The Effects Of Simultaneous, Zero Delay, And Variable Delay Matching-To-Sample On The Discrimination Behavior Of Retarded Children, Thomas Hugh Golden

Studies On Protein Synthesis And Polyribosomes During Dormancy And Development In Artemia Salina Leach And The Dissociation Of Oxidized 80-Sribosomes By Sodium Deoxycholate, Allyn Lloyd Golub

Social And Stylistic Realities In The Fiction Of Agustin Yanez, Barbara Jeannette Graham

Ge Moore's Theory Of Perception, Robert Lawrence Greenwood

The Physiology Of Vision In The Lemon Shark, Negaprion Brevirostris (poey): A Behavioral Analysis, Samuel Harvey Gruber

A Study Of The Case Law Development Of The Concept Of The American Secondary School Administratorship, Robert Wesley Harner

The Effects Of Experimentally Induced Cognitive Dissonance On The Grade Point Average Of Selected Under-Achievers, Robert Stanley Hartman

The Production Of Organic Detritus In A South Florida Estuary, Eric James Heald

Elinor Wylie: The Woman In Her Work, Evelyn Thomas Helmick

An Inventory Of Guidance Services In The Secondary Schools Of The Dioceseof Miami, Salvatore Mario Inglese

Evaluation Of A Junior High School Inservice Program Designed To Help Teachers Provide For Pupils' Individual Differences In Reading Abilities, Helen Jeane James

Heart Rate Control In Humans Under Paced Respiration And Restricted Movement: The Effect Of Instructions And Exteroceptive Feedback, Themis R. Johns

An Investigation Into The Relative Effectiveness Of The Teacher- Counselor Team Method Vs Counseling In Facilitating Classroom Behavior Change, Michelle Carol Kavanaugh

An Investigation Of The Moral-Generating Power Of Catholic Schools In Thearchdiocese Of Miami, Florida, Francis J. Lechiara

The Decomposition Of Organic Matter In Some Shallow Water, Calcareous Sediments Of Little Black Water Sound, Florida Bay, Chun Chi Lee

Studies On Prolyl Transfer Ribonucleic Acid Synthetase Of Escherichia Coli, Ming-Liang Lee

Discrimination And Generalization As A Function Of Caudate Stimulation Csintensities In Nictitating Membrane Pavlovian Conditioning Of Rabbits, Alexander Allison Manning

Antibody Production In Vitro By Tissues Of Homothermic And Poikilothermicvertebrates, Gabriel Ortiz-Muniz

Digenetic Trematodes Of Marine Teleost Fishes From Biscayne Bay, Florida, Robin Miles Overstreet

A Study Of The Acceptability And Practicality Of Adopting A Twelve-Month School Year For The Public Schools Of Dade County, Florida, Peter Anthony Pappalardo

Coordination Compounds Of Substituted Pyridine-1-Oxides With Mercury(ii) Salts, Anthony John Pappas

An Investigation Into The Relationship Of Practicum Experience To Clients' Ratings Of Counselors, Henry Harold Pfeifle

Aesthetic, Religious, And Moral Intuition In The Philosophy Of Alfred North Whitehead, Earl Wallace Redding

Conflict Behavior In Normal And Maladjusted Children, Ana Albarran Rivas-Vazquez

Multiple Forms Of The Cow Uterus Cathepsin D, Asher Isadore Sapolsky

Purine Metabolism In The Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome, A Hereditary Disorder Of Purine Metabolism Associated With Neurological Symptoms, Lawrence Sweetman

Deuteromycete Populations In The Attached Sargassum Communities Off Key Largo, Florida, Thomas William Thompson

Thermal Effects On Membrane Phenomena, Anitra Louise Thorhaug

Heart Rate: Classical Conditioning Of A Discrimination Between Lateral Geniculates To Hypothalamic Or Septal Us Stimulation, David Houston Vandercar

The Interactions Of Metal Salts With Organic Isocyanates And Isothiocyanates, Juan Francisco Villa

Wittgenstein's Theory Of Meaning, Kyle Lee Wallace

A Statistical Analysis Of The Phytoplankton Community Within The Antarctic Convergence, John Joseph Walsh

A Nonrelativistic Model Of N-Fermion Bound States, Peter Leslie Wimmer

Alfonso Sastre: Theater And Theory, Maria Zupanchich

Theses/Dissertations from 1968

An Application Of Hotelling's Canonical Correlation To Academic Prediction, Andrew Hartin Bayes

A Study Of The Dropout Problem In The Accelerated Adult High School Credit Program In The Dade County, Florida, Public Schools, Keith Neal Bennett

A Study Of The Relative Effect Of The John F Kennedy Preschool Program On The First-Grade Readiness And Achievement Of Culturally Disadvantaged Children, Albert C. Block

Sea Urchin Polysomes And Their Function During Embryogenesis, Geraldine H. Cohen

Reproductive Habits Of The Sergeant Major, Abudefduf Saxatilis, (pisces, Pomacentridae) With Comparative Notes On Four Other Damselfishes In The Bahama Islands, William Charles Cummings

The Effects Of Segregation On The Vocational Aspirations Of Negro Students, Byron William Curtis

The Effects Of Post Reinforcement Time Outs On Multiple Fr Fr Schedules Of Reinforcement, Max C. Dertke

A Study Of A Special Educational Program For The Disadvantaged Student With A High Academic Potential, Gerald Orange Dreyfuss

Effects Of Substrate Induction And Of Penetrating Ions On Glucose Absorption By Rat Small Intestine, In Vitro, Martha Schwandt Ellert

Comparative Ecology Of Damselfishes (pisces: Pomacentridae) At Alligatorreef, Florida Keys, Alan Roy Emery

An Analysis Of Lactate Dehydrogenase And Anaerobiosis In Artemia Salina, Richard Dennis Ewing

Systematics And Ecology Of Western Atlantic Angelfishes, Family Chaetodontidae, With An Analysis Of Hybridization In Holacanthus, Henry Arthur Feddern

Menendez Pelayo Frente A La Espana Del Siglo Diez Y Nueve (spanish Text), Enrique M. Fernandez-Barros

Espana En El Teatro Social De Antonio Buero Vallejo (spanish Text), Gaston Fernandez-Torriente

Synergistic Catalysis Of Ammonium-Nitrate Decomposition, Nicholas Benjamin Franco

A Comparison Of The Effects Of Various Preschool Experiences Upon The Imaginative Visual Expression Of Five-Year-Olds, Robert Allan Freyermuth

Studies Of Immunoglobulin-G And Immunoglobulin-M Antibodies In Relation To Cancer Immunity In Two Model Systems, Ruth Adele Fugmann

A Comparison Of A Selected Dimension Of Counselor And Non-Counselor Behavior, Murray Irving Gellen

Syntheses Of Some N-(2-Quinoxaloyl)-Amino Acids And N-(2-Quinoxaloyl)-Dipeptides Related To Quinoxaline Antibiotics, Shlomo M. Gerchakov

Studies On Deoxyribonucleic Acid Metabolism During Thymine Deprivation Ofescherichia Coli, Joseph Lester Giegel

A Refinement Of The Tennessee Self-Concept Scale To Clarify Interpretation Of Extremely Favorable Self Reports, Gloria Ulert Greenberg

Ecological And Ontogenetic Aspects Of Visual Orientation In The Sand Fiddler Crab, Uca Pugilator (bosc), William Frank Herrnkind

The Central Nervous System Complications Of Cerebral Angiography, George Walton James

Primary Productivity By The Tropical Marine Turtle Grass, Thalassia Testudinum, Koenig, And Its Epiphytes, John Arthur Jones

Mappings And Dimension In Metric Spaces, James Edgar Keesling

Some Effects Of Physalia Physalis Toxin On Active Transport, James Bouton Larsen

Social Desirability Scale Values In Relation To Context And Mode Of Presentation, John Edwin Malaby

Biosynthesis Of Peptides In The Canine Hypothalamus, Roger Merritt Morrell

A Study Of Interpolation By Complex Polynomials, Patrick Joseph O'hara Jr.

Amitsur Radicals, Augusto Herminio Ortiz-Suarez

Covariant Quantization Of Fields, Roger F. Polcyn

Chimerism And Immunologic Tolerance: A Consequence Of Fraternal Twinningin The Marmoset, Raymond Paul Porter

Rat Liver Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Pyrophosphorylase: Evidence For Multiple Kinetic Forms Of A Single Protein, Michael Christopher Powanda

Enzymes Of Glucose Catabolism In Hydra I Relative Activities Of Enzymes And Absence Of 6-Phosphogluconate Dehydrogenase Ii Application Of Microfluorometric Analyses To Patterns Of Enzyme Localization, Charles L. Rutherford

Field Ion Emission, Nicholas Sama

Some Aspects Of Digestion And Absorption In The White Grunt, Haemulon Plumieri (pisces: Pomadasyidae), Ronald L. Smith

Studies On The Life History And Biology Of The Trematode Genus Ascocotyle(family Heterophyidae) Found In Dade County, Florida, Paul Cary Stein

Equidivisible Semigroups, Albert Jennings Storey

Effects Of Structural, Regulatory, And Suppressor Gene Mutations In Bacillus Subtilis On Enzymes Of The Aspartate Family Of Amino Acids, Daniel Vapnek

Ecology Of Juvenile Tarpon, With Special Attention To The Effects Of Dieldrin On Two Associated Species, Cyprinodon Variegatus And Poecilia Latipinna, Richard Archer Wade

Effects Of Social And Cultural Isolation Upon The Self-Concepts Of Negro Children, Kenneth Deleon Walker

A Study Of The Hand Mosaic And Gasp Methods Of Master Scheduling To Determine The More Desirable For Use At An Innovative Junior High School, Ira Wax

k-Spaces, Donald Derrick Weddington

Theses/Dissertations from 1967

The Development Of A Theory Of Communication Patterns Between Educationaladministrators And Commercial Television Representatives, Ann M. Ackourey

The Bahama Canyon System, James Einar Andrews

Distribution In The Water Column Of Migrating Juvenile Pink Shrimp, Penaeus Duorarum, Burkenroad, In Buttonwood Canal Everglades National Park, Florida, Grant Lindley Beardsley Jr.

The Effects Of Inter-Species Copulation On The Fecundity And Fertility Oftribolium (coleoptera, Tenebrionidae), John Francis Belshe

Pre-Reading: Improvement Of Visual - Motor Skills, Mary H. Bosworth

The Systematics Of Sympatric Species In West Indian Spatangoids: A Revision Of The Genera Brissopsis, Plethotaenia, Palaeopneustes And Saviniaster, Richard Harvey Chesher

Studies On The Physiology Of Ageing In Third State Larvae Of Ancylostoma Caninum, Fred Earl Clark

A Study Of Members Of The Melbourne High School Senior Class, Melbourne, Florida, 1965-1966, John Fernando Crittenden