Theses/Dissertations from 1965

Parasites Of The Bluefish, Pomatomus Saltatrix (linnaeus), From The Atlantic Coast Of The United States, Herbert Godwin Anderson Jr.

A Comparative Study Of Selected Marine Pseudomonads With Special Reference To Antiyeast Activity, John David Buck

Micropuncture And Microinfusion Of The Proximal Tubule In The Rat Kidney: Development And Application Of A Method For Observing The Effects Of Metabolic Inhibitors On The Transport Of Sodium, Robert Joseph Chertok

The Biological Status Of Lambda Particles In Paramecium Aurelia, Stock 299, Jo Ann Clark

Atlantic Fishes Of The Genus Rypticus (grammistidae): Systematics And Osteology, Walter Rowe Courtenay Jr.

Abbreviated Larval Development In Caridean Shrimps With The Description Of The Larval Stages Of Some Species From South Florida, Sheldon Dobkin

Relative Difference Sets, Jacqueline Edith Elliott

Attitudinal Relationships Of Paranoid Schizophrenic And Non-Psychotic Patients Toward Recognized Needs In Themselves And In Others, Judith J. Feldman

Bionomics And Physiological Taxonomy Of Marine Occurring Yeasts, Jack Warner Fell

A Survey Of The Visual Pigments Of Decapod Crustacea Of South Florida, Hector Rafael Fernandez Y Cossio

An Analysis Of Academic Improvement In The Basic Studies Program In Miami-Dade Junior College, Russell Franklin Handy

An Experimental Evaluation Of Heider's Balance Theory With Respect To Situational And Predispositional Factors, Herbert Harari

An Analysis Of Selected Aspects Of The Science Preparation Of Prospectiveelementary Teachers At The University Of Miami, Henry Norman Hardin

Processes Of Calcification In Strombus Gigas, Robert Frederick Johnson

Young Flyingfishes Of The Genera Parexocoetus, Exocoetus, Hirundichthys, And Prognichthys And Some Young Stromateoid Fishes From The Western Northatlantic, With Some Comments On The Pelagic Life Of The Exocoetidae And Stromateoidea, Thomas William Mckenney

An Analysis Of Multilevel Intermediate Grade Enrichment Literature Relating To American History, Seymour Metzner

Hearing And Acoustic Orientation In The Lemon Shark, Negaprion Brevirostris (poey), And Other Large Sharks, Donald Richard Nelson

An Evaluation Of Selected Series Of Elementary School Science Textbooks, John Frank Newport

Factors Associated With The Dropout Problem In Kanawha County, West Virginia, Hugh Irvin Peck

A Kinetic Study Of The Mechanism Of Nucleotide Interaction With Pyruvate Kinase, Kent Milton Plowman

Effect Of Single-Cue Item Training On Multiple-Cue Item Performance Of Mental Retardates, David Rothenberg

Relationships Between Sugar Absorption, Phosphomonoesterase Activity, Andoxygen Uptake In Rat Small Intestine, Mohammed Mahmood Sayeed

A Monograph Of The Amphiurid Brittlestars Of The Western Atlantic, Lowell Phillip Thomas

Metabolism Of Lithocholic Acid In The Rat, Palaka Vayalil Thomas

Some Aspects Of The Biochemistry And Physiology Of The Blood Of Ascidia Nigra, James A. Vallee Jr.

The Effectiveness Of Selected School Programs For Potential Dropouts, Walter Croston Young

Theses/Dissertations from 1964

A Comparative Physiological And Morphological Study Of Terrestrial-Occurring And Marine-Occurring Carotenogenic Yeasts, Donald G. Ahearn

The Ecology Of Iron In Tropical Waters, James Edward Alexander

Frustration Vs Attack: Distinguishing Operational Definitions And Unifying Conceptualization Of Three Antecedents Of Instrumental And Reactive Aggression, Donald B. Clark

A Comparative Study Of The Effect Of Two Programs On The Improvement Of The Quality Point Average Of Failing Students At The University Of Miami, Mary Zita Furey

An Analysis Of Two Dimensions Of Conceptual Thinking In Process And Reactive Schizophrenics, Alan H. Gregg

The Utilization Of Small Molecular Weight Organic Nitrogen Compounds By Some Marine Sediment Communities, Robert Duncan Hamilton

Cross-Sectional Views Of Visual Reproduction And The Effects Of Distraction On Visual Reproduction By Brain-Damaged Retardates, Familial Retardates, And Normal Children, Robert Wayne Jones

The Life History, Growth, And Ecology Of Four Intertidal Gastropods (genus Nerita) Of Southeast Florida, Milton Charles Kolipinski

Role Enactment As A Function Of Orientation, Expectations, And Duration Of Interaction, Michael Burke Lupfer

Psychological Concomitants Of Chronic Disease: A Study Of Hansen's Disease And Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients Who Are Fast And Slow Recoverers, Richard N. Maisel

An Appraisal Of Reading Materials Appropriate For Use In The Third-Grade Social Studies Program In The Schools Of Dade County, Florida, Benjamin Robert Mingle

The Family Vitrinellidae In South Florida And The Gulf Of Mexico, Donald Richard Moore

The Application Of Automation To The Scheduling Of High School Students Into Classes, Harriette Tankersley Prance

Storage Materials Utilized By Starved Benaeus Duorarum, Burkenroad, With Particular Emphasis On Some Aspects Of Carbohydrate Metabolism, Henry Jose Schafer

Ecological Studies Of The Intestinal Trematodes Of The Gray Snapper, Lutjanus Griseus (linnaeus), In The Vicinity Of Lower Matecumbe Key, Florida, Robert Engle Schroeder

Perceptual-Motor Behavior Of Introverts And Extraverts, Lawrence Smalheiser

An Experimental Investigation Of Deviating Behavior, Robert J. Smith

Protein Synthesis During The First Cleavage Cycle In Sea Urchin Eggs, Darrel Wayne Stafford

A Study Of The Relative Effects Of Selected Teaching Procedures Relating To Differential Class Size On The Attainment Of Objectives In An Introductory Survey Education Course, Lester Dow Stephens

The Fresh And Brackish Water Snails Of The Family Amnicolidae, Subfamily Hydrobiinae, Of Peninsular Florida, Fred Gilbert Thompson

Theses/Dissertations from 1963

Virological And Immunological Studies Of Marine Fish, Lester William Clem

Studies On The Mechanism Of The Chloride-Catalyzed Decomposition Of Ammonium-Nitrate, Clair Ivan Colvin

Recommendations Relative To The Student Personnel Program Of Dade County Junior College, Blanche Cox

A Quantitative Study Of Dream Content Using An Objective Indicator Of Dreaming, George William Domhoff Jr.

The Decomposition Of Nitrous Oxide On Chromia-On-Alumina Catalysts, R Doreswamy Iyengar

Stimulus Generalization With Identical Elements And A Cognitive Theory Oflearning, Theodore Wesley Jennings

A Program For Fisheries Development With Special Reference To The Underdeveloped Countries, Nurul Alam Khandker

A Monograph Of The Stomatopod Crustaceans Of The Western Atlantic, Raymond B. Manning

A Study Of The Comparative Effectiveness Of Fifth-Grade Teachers With Andwithout The Master's Degree, Elmo Earl Moretz

Uranium In Sediments, John Nicholas Rosholt Jr.

Studies On Uterine Cathepsins, Raymond Joseph Shamberger Jr.

The Interactions Of Situational And Motivational Variables In The Generation Of Normative And Informational Social Influence, Francis Sistrunk

A Survey Of The Present State Of Public School Adult Elementary Educationin The United States And A Formulation Of Programs For Use In Adult Elementary Education, Wanda Marie Willcox

The Locus Of The Spiral After-Effect, Donald Drexal Young

An Analysis Of Selected Aspects Of The Master Of Education Program At Theuniversity Of Miami, William George Zimmerman Jr.

Theses/Dissertations from 1962

Stereospecific Synthesis Of Cis And Trans Dl-Decahydroquinoxalines, Earl Brill

Thermal Decomposition Of Ammonium-Nitrate And Its Catalysis By Sodium-Chloride, Basil Dimitriades

An Analysis Of The Respective Duties And Functions Of Selected Florida Superintendents And School Boards, James Daniel Lacey

A Study Of Larval Development In Some Genera Of Pagurid Crabs, Anthony Joseph Provenzano Jr.

The Application Of Fluorescence Polarization To The Antigen-Antibody Reaction, Harriette Charlotte Schapiro

An Evaluation Of The School Board Policy Manuals Of Selected Urban Schooldistricts In Ten Southeastern States, Edwin Hartman Smith

Factors Controlling Infection With Herpes Simplex Virus With Special Emphasis On Tissue Culture Systems, Glenn H. Waddell

Theses/Dissertations from 1961

Lightness Perception And Multi-Valued Gradients, Alfred Fredrick Etaugh Jr.

Some Toxicological Studies On A Homologous Series Of Linear Aliphatic Internally Conjugated Nitro-Olefins, William Edgar Macdonald