About This Journal

Collaborations: A Journal of Community-based Research and Practice is a peer-reviewed, open access journal, sponsored by the University of Miami and Rutgers University. It is a site for sharing research and practice emanating from university-community collaborations. It was created to highlight research that describes, examines and evaluates the many different forms of university-community collaborations. This includes the development of theory to guide effective research and service collaborations, and the outcomes of collaborations that have implications for policy, practice, and public scholarship. Collaborations is an academic publication for educators, researchers, students, local community activists, and public scholars to find information related to:

  1. The initiation of grassroots change efforts
  2. The ingredients necessary for effective partnerships
  3. The challenges of sustaining change
  4. The process of technology transfers/research-to-practice/policy
  5. The use of action research to document the effects of school-university collaborations
  6. The development of community resources to improve university coursework
  7. Civic engagement through university-community partnerships
  8. Public policy and practice-relevant knowledge generated through university-community collaborations

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