Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Punching shear strength of post-tensioned concrete flat plates with L-shaped column, Zaher A. Abou-Saleh

Hearing testing with Auditory Steady State Responses using ramping stimuli and time-frequency analysis methods, Nuri Acikgoz

Optimal frequency, displacement, duration, and recovery following acute whole body vibration training for strength and power output, Jessica Begyn Adams

3D face mesh modeling with applications to 3D and 2D face recognition, Abdulnasser A. Al-Ansari

Dinamicas culturales de los anos sesenta en Cuba: Ediciones El Puente y otras zonas creativas de conflicto, Maria Isabel Alfonso

Testing the effectiveness of an education-entertainment health-focused soap opera: Exposure and post-discussion in Colombian young adults, Jesus Arroyave

Modernization and corporate bodies from Reconstruction to the Harlem Renaissance, Paul Baggett

Essays in environmental economics, Sherry L. Bartz-Marvez

Identification and characterization of RsmE, the Escherichia coli methyltransferase responsible for methylation at U1498 in 16S rRNA, Georgeta Nicoleta Basturea

Three essays on macroeconomics and asset pricing, Jiangze Bian

Whoppers of mass deception (WMD): Presidential rhetoric, moral panic and the war in Iraq, Scott A. Bonn

The use of the parameter space to uncover new structures in continuous-time dynamic systems modeled with sets of differential equations, Victor Hugo Castro

Regulation of nucleoporins in mitosis, Papia Chakraborty

Functional and structural effects of cardiomyopathy associated mutations in alpha-tropomyosin, Audrey N. Chang

Taiwanese choral music: History and use of traditional aboriginal music in selected works, Cheng-Pu Chang

Towards a high performance TCP congestion controller, Mingyu Chen

Application of the principles of the Alexander Technique to viola playing and performance, Shao-Chin Chien

Duality for formal toric Landau-Ginzburg models, Patrick Cooper Clarke

Body size and insulin resistance link lifestyle with SBP and lipids in adolescents, Marilyn Lopez Cugnetto

L'impertinence du geste a la lumiere de l'empreinte du Daguerreotype dans le roman de Marcel Proust "A la Recherche du temps perdu", Fanny Daubigny

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: A liturgical opera, David Horace Davies

Mechanisms of Fas mediated signaling after cervical spinal cord injury, Angela Renee Davis

The science of nation building: A history of geographic sciences in Colombia, 1821--1921, Lina Maria Del Castillo

Regulation of the NALP1 inflammasome in neurons: A therapeutic target for spinal cord injury, Juan Pablo De Rivero Vaccari

Corporate intermedia agenda-setting power: Impression management use of pro forma earnings and tone, Marcia Watson Distaso

Carl Tausig's piano solo version of Franz Liszt's "A Faust Symphony": A critical edition of an unpublished manuscript, Giulio Draghi

The alpha subunit of eukaryotic initiation factor 2B is requisite for eIF2-mediated translational suppression of vesicular stomatitis virus, Rachel Jane Elsby

Living on the edge of the Florida current: A study of the physical processes affecting primary production and larval transport, Jerome Fiechter

Sociedad hibrida, lideres y consenso politico en Jose Maria Arguedas, Adolfo Ivan Figueroa

Characterization of intervertebral disc cells by flow cytometry, Daniel James Flagler

Diurnal warming at the ocean surface, Chelle Leigh Gentemann

The expression and functional analysis of hyaluronic acid synthase in bladder cancer, Roozbeh Golshani

Cytokine-dependent Blimp-1 expression in activated T cells inhibits IL-2 production through a negative feedback regulation loop, Dapeng Gong

Examining the relationships between shame, guilt, attributions, and symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder among male Vietnam War veterans, Paul Joseph Harrigan

A method for using digital video technology with Blackboard(TM) as a supplemental instructional tool in the undergraduate conducting class, Ryan W. Holder

The role of the Organization of American States in the promotion of a multilateral framework for regional governance, Betty Horwitz

The long-term effects of adverse childhood experiences on subsequent use of illicit drugs and alcohol in young adulthood: A prospective study, Shi Huang

A study of the Taiwanese composer Tyzen Hsiao and the performance aspects of his Piano Concerto in C Minor Op 53, Wan-Shu Huang

A proactive management algorithm for self healing mobile ad hoc networks, Adel Fahmy Iskander

Symphonic Imagery, an original composition and an examination of three similar programmatic compositions, Christine Louise Jancarz

Distributional ecology of coral reef fish larvae (Labridae, Scaridae) in the southern Straits of Florida, David L. Jones

Yannis Constantinidis: A historical and analytical study of his didactic works for solo piano, Joanne Theodora Kampiziones

An annotated bibliography of piano concertos written by South Korean composers in the twentieth century, Ji-Hyun Kim

Reduced B Lymphopoiesis In Senescence Is Associated With Altered Regulation Of E2a-Encoded Proteins, Anne Marie King

Personality as a predictor of cognitive behavioral stress management intervention effects in men treated for early stage prostate cancer, David P. Kinsinger

2-deoxy-D-glucose induces apoptosis in select tumor types growing under normoxia via interference with N-linked glycosylation, Metin Kurtoglu

Nitrogen cycling on coral reefs: A stable isotopic investigation of nutrient dynamics within the Florida Keys coral reef tract, Kathryn Amanda Lamb-Wozniak

The performance of Maurice Ravel's "Le Tombeau de Couperin" based on the analysis of performance practices, interpretative aspects, and technical challenges, Chiao-Ting Lan

Tsung-Hsien Yang's compositional style and his Sonata for Violin and Piano, Mei-Hsien Lee

An examination of the common and unique processes associated with early symptom change as a function of cognitive therapy for avoidant and obsessive-compulsive personality disorders, Jamie Lewis-Smith

Experimental and numerical studies of synchronization competition in a Chua oscillator, Zheng Le

Molecular recognition properties of cucurbituril receptors, Yonghua Ling

Nutrient biogeochemistry of mesoscale eddies in the Sargasso Sea, Qian Li

Social structure, genetic structure, and persistent organohalogen pollutants in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Biscayne Bay, Florida, Jenny Alison Litz

Diffractive lens with extended depth of focus and its applications, Zhiqiang Liu

Distribution, reproduction, and transport of zooplankton in the western Arctic, Leopoldo Llinas

Physiological roles of gap junction protein pannexin, Silviu Locovei

The cartography of interiority: Magic, mapmaking, and the search for Eden in the Renaissance, Thomas G. Lolis

Peer contributions to adolescents' eating, exercise, and weight control behaviors, Eleanor Race Mackey

A comprehensive framework for echocardiogram video analysis, Abeer Salah Madbouly

A multi-modal approach for face modeling and recognition, Mohammad Hossein Mahoor

An interval analysis-based multiobjective optimization of supersonic wing structures, Luna Majumder

Evaluation of nitrates in drinking water, maternal methemoglobin, and complications of pregnancy in a rural population, Deana M. Manassaram

Dwelling, Devin Marsh

Administrator support of special education teachers: Defining it and measuring it, Michel L. Miller

Coral recruitment in the Florida Keys: Patterns, processes, and applications to reef restoration, Alison L. Moulding

Bats, birds, and Burmeistera: The evolution of specialized pollination in the neotropics, Nathan Muchhala

Latin jazz as reflected through the performance practices of Jerry Gonzalez and the Fort Apache Band, Alexander Pope Norris

Cognitive functioning, immune functioning, and disease progression in perinatally infected HIV+ school-aged children on highly active anti retroviral therapy, Erin Theresa O'callaghan

Attachment of microtubule organizing centers to intermediate filaments in epithelial cell, Andrea Susana Oriolo

The Outer Limits: Telomere maintenance by TRF2 and G-quadruplex DNA structures, Ilene M. Pedroso

Estrogen receptor beta contributes to the transient sex difference in tyrosine hydroxylase expression in the mouse locus coeruleus, Julie Suzanne Pendergast

Child care and early child wellbeing, Duan Peng

A test of the Relational-Cultural Theory with stepfamilies, Jessica L. Podolsky

Damselfish virus-like agent RNA as it relates to the life cycle and pathogenesis in damselfish neurofibromatosis, Jennifer Joy Rahn

Comparative morphology and dynamics of Holocene carbonate systems, northwestern Abaco Islands, Bahamas, Stacy Lynn Reeder

Bending steel with bare hands: Modernity and the American superhero in the twentieth century, Aldo Javier Regalado

A conductor's guide to the e-flat "Magnificat" of Johann Sebastian Bach, David Ernest Rhyne

Physical and biological characteristics of billfish spawning habitat in the Straits of Florida, David Earl Richardson

De brocas y tracas: Nacion, normalidad, homosexualidad y travestismo en la literatura y la cultura mediatica popular peruana, Manuel Maria Rilo Podesta

Inconsistencias en la seguridad nacional de Vicente Fox y la relacion con Estados Unidos, Abelardo Rodriguez Sumano

The relative contributions of antigen versus interleukin-7 and interleukin-15 during the transition of effector CD8+ T cells from cytotoxic T lymphocytes to memory cells, Cleo E. Rolle

Sacred powers: Women and African-derived religions in 20th century Caribbean narrative, Dora Ysabel Romero

Neither Southern nor Northern: Miami, Florida and the Black freedom struggle in America's tourist paradise, 1896--1968, Chanelle Nyree Rose

Life history strategies and population dynamics of stony corals (Cnidaria: Scleractinia) in marginal habitats of the Bahama banks: Implications for long-term survival and persistence of coral communities, Kathleen Lanier Semon

The open spin-½ XXZ quantum spin chain, Chi Shi

Predictors of overweight in children in grades six through eight, Jeanne Hinton Siegel

Social inhibition in men recently treated for localized prostate carcinoma: The effects of social factors and a cognitive-behavioral stress management intervention on the recovery of sexual functioning, Scott D. Siegel

Controlling selectivity in photochemical reactions through confinement and non bonding interactions, Karthikeyan Sivasubramanian

Simple equations to predict concentric lower body muscle power in older adults using a 20-second chair-rise test, Wesley Nathan Smith

Balinese gender wayang performance technique: A pedagogical system for the non-Balinese scholar, Rod Thomas Squance

Worldview construction: International relations concepts embedded in elementary social studies textbooks, Louise Massey Strauss

The roots that clutch: English Catholicism, nationalism, and modernism, Timothy James Sutton

Mutagenic and structural studies of the active center of oligoribonuclease, an essential enzyme for Escherichia coli viability, Adviye Ayper Tolun

More than the sum of its parts: Physical and mechanistic coupling in the phage lambda Red recombinase, Gokhan Tolun

The Yersinia pestis YscF needle plays a role in the regulation of type III secretion and translocation, Julie Torruellas Garcia

Psychological functioning of nonoffending caregivers: The roles of attachment, parenting competence, child psychological functioning, and goodness-of-fit, Stephanie Triarhos-Suchlicki

The X-ray flux from the warm-hot intergalactic medium, Eugenio Ursino

Socioeconomic status and achievement in math and reading in kindergarten through elementary school: The role of social capital, Sara Joy Vagi

Mechanisms of ammonia tolerance in the gulf toadfish (Opsanus beta), Clemence Mathilde Veauvy