The Effectiveness Of Two Teaching Approaches Upon The Inferential Reading Comprehension Of Intermediate Grade Students

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Doctor of Education (Educat.D.)


Reading and Learning Disabilities


The effectiveness of two teaching approaches upon the inferential reading comprehension of fifth and sixth grade students were investigated in two Dade County (Miami, Florida) elementary schools. The two approaches compared were the Hoffman Reading System: Comprehension Inference (Level 2) and the Modeling-Questioning Strategy, developed by the researcher. The two measurement instruments were the Inferential Reading Test, also developed by the researcher, and the Metropolitan Reading Achievement Test. The subjects in this sample consisted of forty-three students selected from two schools composed of Black-American, Mexican-American and White-American students living in lower, lower-middle and middle class communities.The results indicated no statistically significant difference between the performance of those students taught by the Hoffman Reading System and those students taught by the Modeling-Questioning Strategy.


Education, Reading

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