Use Of A Needs Assessment Process In The Development Of A Training Module In Contract Management For School Based Administrators

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Doctor of Education (Educat.D.)


The purpose of this study was to develop a training module in contract management through a needs assessment process. Assessment of principals' perceived need for training in contract areas and an investigation of grievances filed by teachers were made to determine contract areas which generated the most problems. A training module in the area of processing complaints was developed including due process, employee rights, grievance procedures, and use of personnel file. The area of complaints/harassment was identified by the grievance data as a need. The questionnaire which measured the principals' perceptions of need had yielded remediation of observed teaching deficiencies and accountability as major needs.Format and content of the module were suggested by Nagel (1972) and Houston et al. (1972). Parts of the module included: Prospectus, behavioral objectives, pre and posttests, enabling activities, feedback, self-assessment, and a synthesizing element. Simulation and role playing were used. Activities in the module included six short cases describing a school setting, giving information about persons in the school and casting the student in the role of principal, assistant principal, or counselor. The student was asked to determine the action the person should take in a given situation. Branchings in the module lead the student to an individualized program of instruction to develop cognitive skills. Graduate students in a class in educational administration at the University of Miami in Coral Gables field tested the module. A panel of experts validated it.The conclusion was: Factors that precipitate a grievance are probably related to certain principals as well as teacher behaviors and are indicators of a human relations problem rather than simply a breach of contractual obligation.


Education, Administration

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