A Comparison Of The Effect Of Electromyographic (emg) Biofeedback And Sedative Music, Emg Biofeedback Only, And Sedative Music Only On The Ability Of University Music Majors To Relax The Frontalis Muscles

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Music Education


The purpose of this study was to determine the difference of the effects of EMG biofeedback and sedative music, EMG biofeedback only, and sedative music only on the ability of normal tensive university music majors to relax the frontalis muscle on the left side of the forehead. The mean change of electromyographic (EMG) units or microvolts was observed from pretest to postcheck under the three conditions. The mean percentage of change of EMG units from pretest to postcheck was then compared among the three conditions.The experimental group receiving both EMG biofeedback and sedative music experienced a mean decrease of 1.18 microvolts (p .05). The experimental group receiving sedative music only to aid relaxation experienced a mean decrease of 1.01 microvolts (p .05). It was noted that the data showed trends suggesting that the sedative music variable enhanced the EMG biofeedback assisted relaxation training.


Education, Music; Psychology, Physiological

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