Global Interdependence And Development

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Doctor of Arts (D.A.)


International Studies


The Project, a course designed for first and second year college students, is considered useful as a resource in upper level and graduate studies, and to those pursuing individual and continuing education. Neither a textbook nor a handbook for students or teachers, the course is an heuristic device encouraging further investigation of the subject of Global Interdependence and Development. Although the course contemplates the earth, its peoples, their interdependence and development, its raison d'etre is simple; recognizing that our planet and its inhabitants are seriously endangered in many ways, but that before appropriate corrective actions can be taken the situation must be understood not in fragments, but as fragments comprise the whole, the course is designed to facilitate the requisite understanding. Part I treats global concepts, with perspectives of time, place and condition. Part II, relying heavily on the case studies method, treats specifics of interdependency such as energy, food, population, technology, economy, water, natural resources and pollution. Through interdisciplinary analysis the course delves into the past, present and future, relating interdependent factors to development. The teacher, seen as a facilitator of learning, in addition to core materials to meet specific chapter objectives finds ample material for higher achievement in both the Cognitive and Affective Domains. Although providing many clues relative to evaluation in the Cognitive Domain, to assure flexibility of both approach and emphasis measurement in the Affective Domain is left to users of the course.


Economics, General

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