An Analysis Of Selected Aspects Of The University Of Miami's Bahamas Academic Program, School Of Education And Allied Professions

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Doctor of Education (Educat.D.)


The main purpose of this study was to analyze selected aspects of the University of Miami's Bahamas Academic Program, School of Education and Allied Professions by seeking the opinions of its graduates, classes 1977, 1978, 1979, and 1980. A randomly selected sample of professors who taught more than three courses in the Bahamas during the years 1975 to 1980, and a selected sample of administrators and staff members who worked closely with the program also participated in the evaluation process.A questionnaire and an interview guide were developed, field-tested, and used as data-collecting instruments. The questionnaire was used by the Bahamas graduates to record their perceptions of program effectiveness. The interview guide was used to register and organize the responses of professors, administrators, and staff members.Twenty-five interview responses and 187 completed questionnaires provided data which were analyzed by using descriptive statistics and/or chi-square.Selected Findings. (1) The great majority of respondents indicated satisfaction with the program; (2) Some respondents indicated that courses should be added or modified to make them more relevant to the Bahamian archipelago; and (3) Weaknesses of the program centered around inadequate library facilities, lack of resource materials, and substandard physical plant facilities.Major Recommendations. (1) Efforts should be taken to strengthen identified weaknesses; (2) Courses should focus more directly on Bahamian educational objectives; (3) Team-teaching between the University of Miami and College of the Bahamas faculty should be utilized if feasible; and (4) Bahamas alumni and current students should be involved in the revision of existing curricula and/or formulation of future educational goals.A survey of Bahamian school administrators to contrast viewpoints concerning teacher preparation seems advisable.


Education, Administration

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