An Essay To Accompany The Score Of "celebration For Orchestra" (original Composition)

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


Celebration for Orchestra is a composition for symphony orchestra with antiphonal trumpets. It consists of four interrelated sections and has an approximate duration of eighteen minutes. A three-pitch thematic motive is employed throughout the work to establish an underlying unity.The music may be considered programmatic. The composer imagined a succession of events which might surround a mythical royal occasion. These events are represented in the four sections of the composition: Fanfare, Processional, Chorale, and Celebration. Although the program played a significant role in the compositional process, it is not imperative that the listener be familiar with it.The essay is concerned with acquainting the reader with the various compositional methods involved, providing insight into the intuitive compositional processes, and clarifying the organizational aspects of the score. The first chapter introduces the program, the second deals with a general overview of the composition in terms of various musical parameters, the third offers a sequential analysis, and the fourth is a general summary.



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