Genesis: The Hexaemeral Image And The Canticles Of Creation (original Painting And Poetry)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


"The Hex meral Image", a seven panel oil painting, and "The Canticles of Creation", a seven canto poem, are a dual conception of the six days of the Creation of the world. This conception closely follows The Old Testament Genesis, Chapter One, but it also incorporates twentieth century knowledge and views especially in relation to suffrage, science and earth's conservation.The Image is five feet high by twenty-one feet long, in panels of five feet by three feet. The medium is layers of glazed oil color ranging from dull to shiny. Panel One is entitled The Void; Panel Two, The Day of Light; Panel Three, the Firmaments; Panel Four, Land, Fruit and Herbs; Panel Five, The Great Lights and Time; Panel Six, Creatures of Air and Sea; Panel Seven, The Beasts and Humankind; the composition of the whole painting represents The Day of Rest.The Canticles are seven hundred lines in length. The formal opening, The Argument, and closing, The Apology, are in iambic pentameter, while the Cantos are composed in varied line meter from monometer to hexameter. The Cantos are essentially the same as the seven panels of the Image and correspond in subject matter.The dual conception was conceived as a multimedia performance which would begin in darkness as The Apology is read, then Panel One would be illuminated as Canto 0 is read, panel Two illuminated while Canto One is read and so on, having the entire painting illuminated while Canto Seven and The Apology are read. There is a cassette tape of the premiere performance available from the artist/author. A journal was kept of the creative process in visual and verbal vocabulary, this too is available upon request from the artist/author.


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