Principals And Inservice Training: Knowledge, Attitude, And Mainstreaming Practices

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Doctor of Education (Educat.D.)


Educational Leadership


Purpose. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of an inservice training program on the knowledge and attitudes of school principals relative to mainstreaming the handicapped child and to suggest mainstreaming practices for implementation.Procedures. (1) Principals were offered a one-day inservice training program or printed literature in an attempt to enhance their knowledge and alter their attitudes toward the mainstreamed child Model mainstreaming practices were suggested for implementation. (2) Statistical analyses included both the paired sample t-test as well as the independent sample t-test.Major Findings. (1) Inservice training increased school principals' knowledge of the nature and needs of handicapped children in the mainstream and had a positive effect on fostering principals' attitudes. (2) Inservice training increased principals' perceptions of their individual knowledge, skills and attitudes toward handicapped students in the mainstream and increased the number of mainstreaming practices these principals reported they would implement. (3) Principals who received the inservice treatment had higher post-training knowledge and attitude scores and a greatest number of mainstreaming practices in affect than principals who received similar information in the form of printed literature.Major Conclusions. Active participation in inservice training and sharing of mutual experiences led to the development of a greater knowledge base, more positive attitudes, and a stated willingness to implement suggested mainstreaming practices.


Education, Administration

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