The Factors Affecting Student Performance In Intermediate Micro-Economics And Money And Banking

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Doctor of Arts (D.A.)


The primary object of this study is to determine the possibility of predicting grades in Intermediate Micro-Economics and Money and Banking. In order to accomplish this, information on S.A.T. scores, grades received in Principles of Macro-Economics and Micro-Economics, grade point average, and students' major is being used.The method utilized to test the feasibility of prediction is by means of two multiple regression equations. The first equation uses grades in Intermediate Micro-Economics as the dependent variable, the second one uses grades in Money and Banking. In both equations, the variables described above are the independent variables.A secondary objective is to analyze the significance of the independent variables (specially S.A.T. scores) as good predictors of future performance in their junior and senior years in college. Data was collected from students who graduated from Biscayne College in the 1969-1978 period.The results show, among other things, that grade point average is statistically significant in both equations, and that the predictive usefulness of the study is limited.


Economics, General

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