Cost-Benefit Analysis Of An Alternative To Incarceration

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Doctor of Arts (D.A.)


Costs and Benefits of the Dade County Stockade Bureau (Incarceration) have been compared with the Dade County Work Furlough Program (Alternative to Incarceration). This study covered the years 1978-79 thru 1980-81. For all three years, it has been demonstrated that the Benefit-Cost ratios associated with the Work Furlough (1978-79: 4.26; 1979-80: 5.06; and 1980-81: 5.55) were much higher relative to the Stockade (1978-79: 0.35; 1979-80: 0.57; 1980-81: 0.45).The main reasons for the economically better performance of the residenta of the Work Furlough Program were: (a) Lower accommodation costs relative to the Stockade, as the Work Furlough participants are required to pay for their own room and board. (b) Higher economic productivity (wages earned) of the Work Furlough residents.One of the major benefits associated with the Stockade residents was a relatively higher community protection in terms of foregone Criminal Justice Costs.This study made a very strong case for the Work Furlough Program in terms of immediate costs to the society relative to the Stockade.


Business Administration, General

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