Analysis Of Economic And Social Factors Leading To The 1980 Miami Riot: Contradiction Within Economic Prosperity (florida)

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This study undertakes an investigation that focuses primarily on reviewing the underlying conditions and events leading to the civil disturbances of 1980 in the Greater Miami community. In the process, a black community, once vibrant and economically viable was encountered. This black community has been excluded from the explosion of economic growth occurring all around it in the last two decades. Exclusion from economic opportunity highlights the list of factors that have served to erode the spirit of those living in Miami-Dade's black community. Inadequate housing, inequitable educational opportunities and the unfair administration of justice have also played a big role in the destruction of black morale. Indifference has prevailed as the response to the remote expectation of prosperity among Miami's black residents. Government, on all levels, has a specific function in the isolation of blacks from Miami's overall economic prosperity.It has been concluded that unless a racially conscious effort is made to overcome the economic and social disadvantages inflicted on black Miamians and to offer Miami's black residents the opportunity to cultivate a prosperous community, the present sense of alienation and frustration will permeate all black life in Dade County.


Economics, General

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