Africa And The Third United Nations Conference On The Law Of The Sea: Case Study Of Algeria (arab)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


International Studies


The major purpose of this dissertation is to analyze Algeria's contributions and perceptions on some Law of the Sea issues within the context of the Arab-African position. Other contemporary political, economic and ideologic issues provide a framework for analysis of Algeria's position at UNCLOS III. Algeria's ideology based on N.I.E.O. principles, North/South dialogue and continental solidarity, directed many of its actions during UNCLOS III debates.The E.E.Z. and "Common Heritage of Mankind" are the innovations of UNCLOS III that represent attempts toward establishing "Contemporary International Law," improving the economic development of developing countries. Also, UNCLOS III was the impetus for formation of new alliances that interfaced with issues being negotiated instead of customary alliances formulated from past regional, political or ideological basis.Outcomes of this research showed Algeria and Africa to initiate changes for more equitable distribution of the Ocean's wealth by establishing new rules for the ocean. The trend toward change is enveloped in the North/South dialogue to improve the world order through the New International Economic Order. UNCLOS III represents a symbol of this trend.


Political Science, International Law and Relations

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