Employment Creation And Economic Growth Through Technology Adaptation And/or Appropriate Choice Of Technology: Case Studies Of Manufacturing Companies In Nigeria (criteria, Adjustment Policies)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


International Studies


This study examines the extent of technological adaptation and various technological choices of six manufacturing companies in Nigeria and derivatively their employment creations. Of special significance is the examination of factors and criteria that influence employment creation through technological adaptations. These companies are examined in three related aspects. First is their background review, which includes production market strategies and their technology considerations. The second apsect is the adaptation carried out by these companies, which includes product design and production engineering and also evaluation of problems of adjustment of different technical, commercial and economic environments. The third is the employment created as a result of the technology chosen or adaptations made. The fourth is the use of empirical evidence as a basis to assess the effect of technology adaptations on employment creation and also to evaluate the country's corporate and commercial policies.A major purpose of the study is to develop some policy guidelines on technology adaptations/choice of appropriate technology in both corporate and commercial policies leading to more effective industrialization programs in the country.


Business Administration, General

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