Numerical Modeling Of Acoustic Tomography In The Straits Of Florida: Coverage And Source, Receiver Positions Strategy (parabolic Equation, Reciprocal Transmission, Bottom Scattering, Bottom Sensitivity, Split-Step)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


An acoustic model based on the split-step parabolic wave equation has been used to study the effects of irregularity in bathymetry on transmision loss (TL) for continuous wave (cw) acoustic sources. In particular, variability in predicted TL fields has been examined for the transmission of a 510 Hz cw acoustic source across the Straits of Florida when bathymetry is imperfectly known. As contrasted to reported results obtained from one ray tracing technique, the acoustic energy distribution has been found to be very insensitive to random uncertainties in bathymetry. By use of numerical simulations, several source and receiver configurations at various locations in the Straits of Florida have been investigated. Results show that adequate acoustic coverage of the axis of the Gulf Stream can be achieved with a system of 5 transceivers positioned in form of two triangles sharing one common vertex at the eastern edge of the Miami terrace.


Physics, Acoustics

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