A Model For The Review Of Master's Degree Programs In The Human Resource Field (personnel, Development)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Educational Leadership


The purpose of this study was--to design a Human Resource Academic Preparation Model which will be helpful in the analysis of available programs in the Human Resource (HR) field offered by institutions of higher education at the master's degree level. The model was applied in the review of programs in the HR field at the master's level. Additionally, the information obtained in the process of applying the model was used to infer conclusions in relation to the orientation and components of the programs, as well as the preparation of professionals in the HR field.Based on the review of the literature and research related to the HR field, which included: HR and organizational and management theories; HR management and HR development; research studies related to the HR function; studies prepared by the two major professional associations in the HR field; and the review of academic programs at the master's level in the HR field, the HR Academic Preparation Model was designed and presented. As a subsequent step, the model was used to review 16 of the 214 master's degree programs identified in the HR field. The model was applied at three levels: (1) the specific program level; (2) the specialization level; and (3) the university level.Two functions were identified within the HR field--management and development. A comparative analysis of these two functions and their evolution was presented and contrasted to the approaches and content of the master's degree programs. It was found that the programs offered by the business schools showed a heavy emphasis on the management function with little concern for the development function. On the other hand, when programs are housed in schools of education they present a heavy emphasis on the development function and, in most cases, without having courses related to the management function.The study demonstrated the usefulness of the HR Academic Preparation Model in the analysis and review of master's degree programs in the HR field. Additionally, through the analysis of the information gathered in relation to the programs and the approach that universities are taking to offer the programs, it was possible to infer conclusions related to the philosophy and content of the HR master's degree programs in the HR field.


Business Administration, Management

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