A Chronology Of The Development Of The School Attendance Boundary Policies In Dade County, Florida (desegregation, Community Involvement, Integration, Innovative School Programs, District Administration)

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Doctor of Education (Educat.D.)


Educational Administration


This study served to provide a chronology and analysis of the evolution, modification and outcome of a new process for developing school attendance boundaries in a large, urban school district. Also presented was the data-collecting instrumentation which was developed for this process. Four primary techniques were utilized to prepare this study: a search of primary documents, completed questionnaires from committee members, interviews with the significant actors in the process, and observations of planning meetings, committee meetings and committee hearings.The findings reflected that the Attendance Boundary Committee (ABC) process was highly organized and well structured and that it reflected extensive community participation, bureaucratic sensitivity to community needs, and democratic participation in decision-making by educational and non-educational participants. In addition, a shifting of political pressure was observed from the School Board via the committee process, with large amounts of time spent by committee members in numerous committee-related activities. Finally, the detailed data-collecting instrument was found to be well developed and necessary to the success of the process.Continuation of the ABC process in Dade County and a recommendation for replication of the process in other large, urban school districts were the most significant conclusions. In addition, limiting the terms of the committee members and the amount of time spent by committee members on ABC activities was also recommended.


Education, Administration

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