An Exploration Of The Variables Commonly Assumed To Have An Effect On Winning (sports, Coaches)

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Doctor of Education (Educat.D.)


Educational Leadership


This study addressed the need for current relevant research on the variables that seem to have an effect on winning. Fifty variables commonly assumed to have an effect on winning were drawn from the literature. A pilot study reduced these to 34 variables which became the basis for the WINVAR QUESTIONNAIRE. Two groups rated this questionnaire using a 5 point Likert scale. These two groups included 15 high school football coaches and a panel of experts composed of 15 individuals who are considered experts in sports management and collegiate coaching. Variables selected by the panel of experts were considered as the variables drawn from the literature. Data from the head coaches were supplemented by interviews with each participating head coach. Variables perceived by each head coach as having an effect on winning were then compared with those variables drawn from the literature and selected by the panel of experts. The correlations between these variables were then analyzed to determine if the perceived variables were consistent with those cited in the literature. The analysis showed that 33 of the variables selected by the head coaches were consistent with the literature. Only one variable, Coach's leadership style, was found not to be consistent.


Education, Administration; Education, Physical

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