Vortex For Triple Quintet, Percussion And Digital Synthesized Tape (original Composition)

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


The composition Vortex consists of music for three quintets (woodwind, brass, string), multi-percussionist, and a digital synthesized tape. It is sixteen minutes and five seconds in duration. The compositional profile of Vortex may best be described as multifarious in style. Each section of music is often characterized by extreme contrast to both the previous and following sections of the work. This contrast occurs in terms of harmonic usage, rhythmic character, and overall textural density.Vortex is augmented in performance by a digital synthesized tape. This tape was created by the composer on commercial Yamaha DX series synthesis equipment. During performance, the live performers play in close coordination with the tape. It was the composer's intention to use the synthesized tape to greatly expand the timbral and textural aspects of the work.



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