The History Of Organized Sports In Jordan (physical Activity)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Educational Leadership


This work records and evaluates the overall development of organized sports in Jordan from a historical perspective in chronological order. A history of physical activities in the traditional Bedouin society before 1921 was also included in order to provide a historical basis for the modern era of organized sports in Jordan. The modern era (1921-1984), consisting of the formation of clubs and federations; government involvement and control (Y.W.O.); public education; the military and police institutions, was fully examined. This work also analyzed the impact of enthusiastic individuals and the important part they played in popularizing sports. Further, the social, political and economic forces were examined as they occurred during the turbulant years of Jordan's history, and their strong influence on the direction and development of sports. Additionally, the enactment of sports and education laws was noted and evaluated for its important influence on the sports movement.Both primary and secondary source materials were used as a base to outline the development of sports, and every effort was made to insure validity of sources and objectivity of the content of this study.


History, Middle Eastern; Education, Physical

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