Study Of Peace Zones With Special Reference To Nepal's Zone Of Peace Proposal And Its Political, Economic And Security Implications (nuclear Weapons Free Zone)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


International Studies


The Zone of Peace concept evolved as a strategy to ward-off unwanted external pressure in the internal or intra-regional affairs of other countries or regions by more powerful external actors.Nepal, a tiny Himalayan kingdom between two Asian giants, India and China, has adopted the ZOP idea as the cornerstone of Nepalese foreign policy with significant domestic, political and economic implications.ZOP is a declaration of intent to pursue important national goals--independence and economic development--and protect national security by means other than military power. Its translation into an effective instrument of policy will largely depend on whether Nepal practices what it preaches, which in turn will depend on whether more powerful external actors allow Nepal to follow such a policy.


Political Science, International Law and Relations

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