An Investigation Of Stress And Stress Outcomes For Mortgage Company Employees Associated With Implementation Of A Computerized Information Management System At Work

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Employees of a mortgage servicing company undergoing the implementation of an interactive video display terminal system at work were surveyed concerning their experiences of work stressors and stress symptoms. Employees not directly experiencing the change were also surveyed. Few changes in stressors or stress symptoms were reported after implementation. Participants in the change group reported lower levels of perceived stress, and that the change was less desirable, after the implementation than before. Task and role characteristics which might have served as stressors for the most part remained stable; however, increases in feelings of pace control and freedom after the implementation were reported. Adjustment to the change was facilitated by positive group functioning and optimism, and impeded by the Type A behavior pattern. Implications for future implementation of such technology and associated research are discussed.


Psychology, Social

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