Foreign Direct Investment Of Expatriate Entrepreneurs: The Case Of Honduras (development, Technology Transfer, Multinationals)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Business Administration


The purpose of the study was to identify the investment activity of expatriate entrepreneurs and profile their personal characteristics. The expatriate entrepreneurs' investment activity was compared to that of multinational companies, and their personal characteristics were compared to other entrepreneurial populations. The economic development impact of the expatriate investor was explored.Honduras was chosen for the field research, with the goal of surveying the total population of expatriate entrepreneurs in that country. One year of investigation yielded personal interviews with 37 first-generation foreign investors who were personally managing small businesses in Honduras.The profile generated from the study indicates that personal reasons were more significant than financial reasons in motivating the investor to locate overseas, and government incentives played no part in the decision-making process. Companies demonstrated considerable economic benefits for the host country, and were generally profitable. However, though the majority of those surveyed were satisfied with their investment, they were not recommending new investments due to the troubled political situation in Central America.Expatriate businesses demonstrated competitive advantages in the local marketplace based on special knowledge related to production, quality control, or markets; findings related to competition were consistent with theories of "internalization" advantages of the multinational company.The comparison of personality characteristics yielded mixed results. Unlike entrepreneurs surveyed in other studies, this population of expatriate entrepreneurs demonstrated a statistically significant difference from the normal population only in relation to the characteristic of "order."


Business Administration, Management

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