Self-Concept And School Image Of Afro-American And Haitian Potential Dropouts In An Inner City School (language Of Instruction, Dade County, Florida)

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Doctor of Education (Educat.D.)


Educational Leadership


Sixty potential dropouts (30 Afro-Americans and 30 Haitians) selected by randomized stratified sampling from grades 9 through 12 in an inner city high school were administered Gordon's How I See Myself Scale and Croft's School Image Description Questionnaire in an attempt to identify differences in the perceptions of the two ethno-cultural groups.Subjects were cast into a 2 x 2 factorial design with Cultural Group and Grade Cluster (9 & 10 and 11 & 12) as the classifying variables. Creole translations were made available to Haitian subjects on a choice basis.Data were processed through analysis of variance. No significant difference was found on the self-concept scale between the two cultural groups but they differed significantly on their perception of school image. Afro-Americans showed a greater sense of belonging and participation in school social and extracurricular activities while Haitians indicated more interest in schooling and further education.In the light of the findings and within the bounds of the potential dropout sample studied, it was concluded that: (1) Haitian students do not perceive themselves any less favorably than the Afro-American students perceive themselves; (2) Afro-American students enjoy a greater sense of belonging and participation in the school socialization process than their (partially acculturated) Haitian counterparts; (3) Haitian students are strongly committed to accquiring a formal education.Recommendations were made for further research to generate more comparative data on Haitian students and for decision-makers to take appropriate measures to facilitate the placement, acculturation and smooth progress toward graduation of Haitian students.


Education, Secondary

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