The Effects Of A Cognitive-Behavioral Group Treatment On Diet-Conscious Binge Eaters (bulimia, Weight Control)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Counseling Psychology


The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of a cognitive-behavioral group treatment on levels of dietary restraint, binge eating severity, cognitive factors, and weight of women binge eaters. Twenty-four women who met the screening criteria were randomly assigned into treatment and control (delayed treatment) groups. Two consecutive treatment phases were conducted comprised of 10 weekly sessions.Cognitive-behavioral theory provided the framework for the conceptualization of the relapse process inherent in binge eating. Laboratory research on counter-regulation supported the premise under investigation that dietary restriction plays a causal role in relation to binge eating. The effects of reducing dietary restraint on binge eating severity and weight were explored in the present study. Treatment consisted of experiential, behavioral, and didactic components.A post-test only control group design was utilized and the data subjected to analysis of variance. The Binge Eating Scale, Cognitive Factors Scale, Restraint Questionnaire and weight served as dependent measures. Non-significant results between treatment and control groups were observed on the dependent measures.The repeated measures design was utilized post hoc to assess change over time in response to treatment within each group. T-test analyses for correlated pairs revealed a significant difference between pre- and post-test scores on the Restraint Questionnaire for the treatment group (T value 2.86, p = .02). The reduction in restraint level was positively correlated with a reduction in severity of binge eating (r = .51, p = .03). Weight loss in response to treatment was non-significant.The results provide preliminary information on the effectiveness of reducing dietary restraint in efforts to control binge eating.


Psychology, Clinical

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