Properties Of Compaction Concrete For Pavement Applications (econocrete, Rolcrete, Dry Density)

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Doctor of Arts (D.A.)


Civil and Architectural Engineering


Compaction of concrete is rapidly evolving into practical applications and laboratory research is needed to substantiate and clarify the fundamental characteristics of this construction material, which is a zero-slump portland cement-based mixture to be placed by conventional earth moving equipment.In this experimental study the effect of aggregate gradation on compressive strength and dry density is investigated for specimens consolidated according to the Modified Proctor Method. In addition, the dependency of strength on maximum dry density rather than water-cement ratio as in conventional concrete is investigated. The research includes the use of blended coarse and fine aggregate (ASTM-D57) and unblended limerock as produced at the crushing plant. The addition of waste lime-rock to both types of aggregate has also been studied. Furthermore, a relationship has been established between compacted concrete density, strength and the levels of energy input during impact consolidation.Consolidation is also achieved by using external vibration on specimens subjected to surcharge. The two consolidation techniques are compared.


Engineering, Civil

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