The Relationship Of Selected High School Teacher Variables And Attitudes Toward The Associate Master Teacher Endorsement (herzberg's Theory)

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Educational Leadership


Purpose. The purpose of this research was to study the relationship between teacher attitudes toward the Associate Master Teacher Endorsement (AMTE) and teacher attitudes toward items making up the AMTE and job satisfaction.Procedures. Two hundred or 10% of Dade County high school teachers were interviewed using the "Teacher Attitude Toward Merit Pay" (TATMP) telephone schedule.Findings. Variables that correlated with negative teacher attitudes toward the Associate Master Teacher Endorsement at the .05 level of significance were: (1) There are no adequate means to measure teaching performance; (2) The subject area test will not upgrade the teaching profession; (3) The AMTE is not worth the expense; (4) The AMTE will not encourage superior effort by teachers; (5) The AMTE will not raise student performance; (6) The AMTE will not eliminate best and worst teachers getting the same pay; (7) The amount of salary is not acceptable; and (8) Teachers have a good rapport with the principal. Teachers responded to what they liked most and least about the AMTE.Conclusions. Conclusions of the study were: (1) Regardless of salary, teachers are satisfied with their jobs as teachers. (2) Teacher attitudes toward job factors were consistent with Herzberg's motivational hygiene theory. (3) Teachers feel the measures that are used to evaluate teacher performance for the AMTE are not adequate. (4) Teachers feel that the subject area test will not succeed in upgrading the teaching profession.


Education, Administration

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