Strategies For The Design Of Work Day For Users Of Vdt's

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Interdepartmental Studies


Numerous studies by different researchers have demonstrated that VDT operators experience more visual fatigue, musculoskeletal problems, job stress, and general fatigue than traditional office workers. These problems can result in high absenteeism, frequent health complaints, high job turnover, and job dissatisfaction. This study determined that a change in the work/rest schedule could significantly reduce visual fatigue, musculoskeletal problems, general fatigue, and job dissatisfaction. The schedule of breaks for one half hour whenever needed in a three and one half hour period was recommended if work output was the major consideration. Significantly less fatigue was reported in this condition than the currently recommended 1 hour-work/15 minutes-rest. The work output was not significantly different. However, if employee preference is the major consideration than a schedule of 30 minutes work/15 minutes rest would be preferred.


Engineering, Industrial; Psychology, Industrial

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