A singer's analysis of five songs by American composer Richard Hundley

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


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Esther Jane Hardenbergh - Committee Chair


The purpose of this work is to provide singers, teachers, coaches, and accompanists with an analysis of five selected unpublished songs of Richard Hundley (b. 1931). Richard Hundley has written approximately sixty songs, twenty-three of which are published. The first chapter of this work is a short introduction on the purpose, organization, and sources available on Richard Hundley. The second chapter is a brief biography of Hundley, including his early life, the development of his career, and his musical and literary influences. The third chapter is an examination of the selected five songs. Each song's analysis includes the title, the poet or source of text, the date of composition, the dedication, if any, the key, the range, the tempo, the level of vocal difficulty, and the level of accompaniment difficulty. The poetic significance and inspiration of each song is briefly examined. A descriptive analysis, focusing on the expressive characteristics of each song, is considered most important. Primary attention is paid to the relationships between the text and music, and between the vocal line and accompaniment. Conclusions are drawn regarding the songs' specific vocal demands and levels of difficulty. Although some discussion of Hundley's work exists, none has focused on songs not yet published. Appendices include a transcription of an interview with the composer, a list of Hundley's published works, and a discography.


Music; Education, Music

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