A review and survey of current practices in elementary music education methods courses with recommendations for a K--4 course of study for the College of Basic Education in Kuwait

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Joyce Jordan - Committee Chair


The purpose of this study was to develop a recommended content base for a course of study for a D-4 music methods course to be used in the College of Basic Education in Kuwait. Recommendations are based upon information obtained from the administration of a survey covering current procedures, content, and materials in elementary music methods courses in colleges and universities in the United States. Opinions of methods class instructors regarding the influence of the National Standards for Music Education, syllabus content, and student field experiences were also collected and included. In addition, information was gathered from a review of the most current texts for elementary music education methods courses.The survey was sent to 521 individuals who teach in the United States as identified in the College Music Society Directory of Music Faculties in Colleges and Universities in the United States and Canada (CMS, 2000). The data is based on 207 responses (40%) to the 521 questionnaires.The results of this study provided content, methods, materials and timeframes used by instructors in 207 institutions (40%) participating in the study. These results weighed heavily in decisions that were made for a proposed elementary music methods course, K--4, to be implemented at the College of Basic Education in Kuwait for its teacher-training program. Because a high percentage of instructors indicated support for the National Standards, these standards will be introduced as a guideline for future discussions in Kuwait regarding standards for music instruction in the schools.


Education, Music; Education, Elementary; Education, Teacher Training

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