The influence of Miguel Llobet on the pedagogy, repertoire, and stature of the guitar in the twentieth century

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)

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Rene Gonzalez, Committee Chair


The influence of the early twentieth-century classical guitarist, Miguel Llobet, was examined by evaluating existing evidence of his teaching and performing activities in light of how the classical guitar changed during his lifetime and since. The few articles that have been written about Llobet are discussed and assessed in an historical context, along with his relationship with other important figures in the guitar world. His technical approach is considered, and his role in the propagation of the accepted school of guitar pedagogy is traced. His career is examined with a focus on precedents that he may have set. An analysis of his music is conducted in relation to the classical music scene of his day as well as the prevailing style of composition for classical guitar at that time.



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