A catalog of viola compositions by United States women composers

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


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Pamela McConnell, Committee Chair


A catalog of compositions for the viola by U.S. women composers was compiled, following a comprehensive search of the following sources: bibliographies of music and biographical dictionaries, catalogs from publishers of new music and music by women composers, catalogs from music resource centers and music research libraries, and websites devoted to new music and music by women composers. Information has also been obtained through correspondence with composers, libraries, music research centers and music publishers. Library catalogs at schools of music and universities, the Library of Congress, Online Computer Library Center, Inc, (OCLC First Search), and Research Libraries Group (RLG Union Catalog), have been searched using the Library of Congress Subject headings for musical forms, for women in music, and for women composers. The catalog provides a classified listing, with entries in each category listed alphabetically by composer, followed by an index of composers, directories of publishers, music resource centers, and composers.


Music; Women's Studies

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