A performer's guide to the piano sonatas by Carl Vine

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)

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Ivan Davis - Committee Chair


This study focuses on the performer's guide to the two piano sonatas by Carl Vine. The musical analysis of both sonatas is from the performer's point of view and does not have a strict theoretical format. Its purpose is to provide overview of form, harmonic and rhythmic language, symbolism and other musical elements that enlighten these works.The essay is prefaced with a brief biography of Carl Vine and is concluded by a summary of his compositions and a list of recordings of the composer's works. The great Armenian-American pianist Sergei Babayan and Australian pianist Michael Kieran Harvey are mentioned with their reflections on both sonatas in two of the chapters.The study presents a general analysis of these works and discusses the sonatas as great recital pieces that show off the pianist's artistry and virtuosity. Through complete study of their structures and challenges, a performer can interpret the beauty and meaning of the music with great success and hopefully it will interest more pianists in performing these effective works.



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