Eduardo Subirats: La idea de America en el pensamiento espanol posmoderno

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Viviana Diaz-Balsera - Committee Chair


This dissertation examines postmodern Spanish thought and its new approach to the conceptualization of the idea of America. This research focuses mainly on two recently published books by the Spanish philosopher Eduardo Subirats: El continente vacio and America o la memoria historica.This work begins by tracing previous XX century Spanish writings on the concept of America in order to prove Subirat's new approach to the subject. His main thesis sustains that a rational modern subject, who many writers see emerging during the period of Illustration, was actually present among the Catholic missionaries during the conquest and evangelization of America in the XVI century. Subirats equally sustains that the presence of this rational subject brought about, among other problems, the loss of historical memory of the indigenous people of America.This dissertation proves that in fact there seemed to be an incipient rationalism brought about mainly by the Church and its hierocracy during this period, in the form of a modern subject of colonization. However, the results of this investigation finds no loss of historical memory of native cultures, as claimed by Subirats.


Literature, Modern; Literature, Romance

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