Catalog and analysis of adult piano method books published in America from 1980 to 2001

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A large quantity and great variety of methods for leisure-age people have been eagerly produced by professional performers and pedagogues since they first appeared in 1929. In this paper, a "leisure-age" person is defined as a retired person or a person who has moved into a period of increased leisure time through changes in the family or professional role. Today, no fewer than sixty books entitled "Adult Piano Method" are on the market. However, piano instructors have been without a reference book focusing on piano methods for this segment of the population.The purpose of this catalog is to provide a useful and informative teaching reference book on piano methods that are appropriate to use as basic material or the core of a students' piano curriculum during the first year (more or less) of study. Therefore, texts that are intended for degree-oriented courses are excluded. Each book in the catalog is an instructional book currently being used in the teaching of beginning leisure age students and was written or published in America between 1980 and 2001.The catalog is organized alphabetically by author and descriptions of each method are divided into four sections: a cover page, content description, analytical description and additional information. It is hoped that the book will aid instructors in their search for suitable methods for their individual students.


Music; Education, Adult and Continuing; Education, Music

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