The life and teaching methods of flutist Philip Dunigan (b 1933)

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


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Dennis Kam, Committee Chair


This document is dedicated primarily to the life and teaching methods of Philip Dunigan, professor of flute at the North Carolina School of the Arts. Some highlights from the essay include discussions of his life: his childhood in Miami, his early flute study with Andrea del Vecchio, his time spent at Juilliard, his study with Julius Baker and William Kincaid, and his professional performance career in New York. A brief history of the North Carolina School of the Arts, and Dunigan's teaching philosophies, methods, original exercises for the flute with pedagogical commentary follows. In addition, an overview of the success of his former students and their reflections on Dunigan is contained in this essay.


Biography; Music; Education, History of; Education, Music

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