The Mexican Revolution in Taxco de Alarcon, 1920--1924: Hidden but not forgotten

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Steve Stein - Committee Chair


This micro-history of life in Taxco de Alarcon during the post-Revolutionary administration of Alvaro Obregon from 1920 to 1994 attempts to add a new perspective to regional studies of the Mexican Revolution. It examines a community that chose not to actively participate in the Revolution, yet found itself in the crossfire; and, as a result, underwent a subtle yet significant transformation---its own Revolution. This work brings together some of the arguments of the Mexican Revolution's revisionist, post-revisionist, and synthesizer movements. As main secondary sources it uses the work of local historians who investigated the cultural and popular motivations (including also the social, political and economic aspects), which led Indian, peasant, urban and ranchero groups to participate in the insurrections. This work analyzes the post-violence period and the community's resistance; and how this resistance developed into actions which modified the State's consolidation and institutionalization projects.


History, Latin American

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