A study of the technical aspects of the French school of violin playing as exemplified in the works of Baillot, Kreutzer, and Rode

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


Music Performance

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Glenn Basham - Committee Chair


The main focus of this doctoral essay is to develop a logical and systematic approach to the study of the French school of violin playing through the examination of a selected number of works by Baillot, Kreutzer, and Pierre Rode. These three teachers were the proponents of the Italo-Viotti traditions that formed the core of the French Violin School in the early part of the 19th century. Brief biographies of Baillot, Kreutzer, and Rode will be included in this essay to gain further insight into the French style, while the historical background that surrounded this era of the French school and its implications will be dealt with accordingly.The essence of what made the French Violin School a distinct style and tradition will be noted. This essay will analyze the works of these three teachers in order to reveal the distinctive use of both left-hand and right-hand techniques, as well as the physical aspects of violin playing, in an attempt to reveal the intricacies and fundamental workings of this style of playing.


Education, Music

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