Development of the Reaction dimension of the Traumatic Injury & Psychophysiological Stress Inventory (TIPSI)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Kent Burnett - Committee Chair


Patients who have sustained traumatic physical injuries face a number of psychophysiological and related challenges during the course of their treatment and postoperative rehabilitation. Early identification of those experiencing psychophysiological stress reactions is paramount to the process of coping skill development and long-term adjustment. A multidimensional psychosocial instrument was developed called the TIPSI (Traumatic Injury & Psychophysiological Stress Inventory) and was administered to 200 traumatically injured adults from the orthopedic hand, trauma and burn services at a large Southeastern level-1 trauma center. This instrument is comprised of three important dimensions related to the psychological adjustment following traumatic physical injury: Reaction, Risk, and Resilience-Recovery (R3). This current study evaluated the psychometric properties of the Reaction dimension, which is comprised of scales measuring constructs such as PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and Pain. Results indicate that the scales of this dimension demonstrated acceptable reliability and validity evidence.


Health Sciences, Rehabilitation and Therapy; Psychology, Psychometrics

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