Desperately seeking feedback: A model of feedback-seeking based on the leader-member exchange and communication antecedents

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Don W. Stacks, Committee Chair


The literature on leader-member exchange (LMX) is examined from a communication perspective. The concepts of conversational effectiveness, conversational appropriateness, assertiveness, and feedback-seeking strategies expand the LMX model to consider communication processes operating within the superior and subordinate relationship. A model of LMX and its effect on feedback-seeking is presented that suggests that the conversational effectiveness has a significant and positive relationship with LMX and is also significantly and positively related to direct feedback-seeking. Implications and directions for future research are offered to encourage integrating communication variables into upcoming studies on LMX. It was concluded that the communication relationship between the superior and the subordinate, help form the LMX relationship, and also impact how subordinates seek feedback from their supervisor.


Business Administration, Management; Speech Communication

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