Jazz saxophone and trumpet improvisations transcribed and annotated for double bass

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


Music Studio and Jazz

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Donald Coffman - Committee Chair


The purpose of this study is to provide transcriptions of a selected number of historically significant jazz saxophone and trumpet improvisations for study with performance annotations for double bass. Transcription collections are widely used sources for the study of jazz improvisation. While available sources that include transcriptions of instrumental jazz improvisation abound, jazz transcriptions specifically for double bass are scant. More importantly, those materials are limited to improvisations originally performed on double bass. The jazz vernacular was created by performers of instruments such as saxophone and trumpet. Furthermore, it has been common practice for these instrumentalists to exchange melodic and improvisational material. Yet, for a number of reasons, double bassists have not fully shared in this exchange. Improvisations selected for transcription will satisfy a minimum of four criteria from a set of six. The criteria are: (1) adaptability to the performance parameters of the double bass, (2) adherence to common jazz harmonic practice, (3) historical importance, (4) worthiness of study by virtue of previous transcription and/or analysis in a major publication, (5) availability of relevant recording, and (6) representative of contrasting improvisational style within this collection. Improvisations selected for study will meet criterion number one, and at least three of the remaining five.


Music; Education, Music

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