An annotated bibliography of American vocal chamber music for solo voice, piano, and one to seven other instruments written and published since 1990

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)

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Paul Posnak, Committee Chair


This study is an annotated catalog of seventy American vocal chamber compositions written and published since 1990. Examination of the related literature revealed a need for a more recent listing of vocal chamber music written and published in the United States, especially one that includes descriptive information about the compositions.Descriptive information includes name, dates, and location of composer; date of composition; place and date of publication; vocal range, level of difficulty, and length (when available) of composition; source of text; voice type and instrumentation; and a brief description of each composition.Appendices include an alphabetical index of the composers, publisher contact information, index by instrument, index by number of performers, index by level of difficulty, and a listing of vocal chamber music compositions published exclusively by their composers.



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