Conquest and restoration: United States policy on the restitution of personal assets from the Holocaust, a constructivist view

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


International Studies

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Vendulka Kubalkova, Committee Chair


The robbery of Europe's Jews preceded the genocide of the Holocaust and served as a warning of worse events to come. The Nazis, through the molding and construction of a religion meant to supercede the Jewish religion and the Jews as the new "chosen," achieved this robbery, as well as the disenfranchisement, and annihilation of the Jews, first of Germany, and then in the rest of Europe. Following the Nazis' defeat, the United States in concert with its war-time allies, began what would become a decade's long struggle for restitution for these crimes. Together, the robbery of Europe's Jews and the successes and failures of post-Holocaust restitution are explained through Constructivist theory which examines social construction through the interaction of linguistic speech rules.


Political Science, International Law and Relations

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