A content analysis of reading in textbooks for preservice teachers

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)



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Jeanne Shay Schumm - Committee Chair


A content analysis of textbooks used in NCATE approved Florida teacher education programs for introductory courses in general reading (GR), reading remediation (RR), special education (SPED) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) was conducted to determine the depth and breadth of reading theories, instructional components and assessments for word recognition presented to preservice teachers and whether the information presented is aligned with current research. To add depth to this study, a case study of the introductory textbooks used in one teacher education program was also conducted. A coding sheet was developed through a compilation of the research on word recognition and a pilot test. Individuals with advanced degrees in reading, special education, or TESOL coded the texts with each coder examining the textbooks in their area of expertise. Frequencies of the depth of presentation and author support were calculated. Results indicate that there is a discrepancy in the depth and support of word recognition theories, instructional components and assessments across disciplines. Case study results indicate that there is cohesiveness in the presentation of word recognition within a combination of textbooks used in one teacher education program and the program meets the International Reading Association competencies for preservice professional development in reading. It is suggested that if preservice teachers are going to learn how to best adapt instruction for exceptional students and English Language Learners, specific suggestions and research-based instructional practices need to be included in their textbooks or supplemental course materials. Further research of preservice texts' total word recognition content, including supplementary materials, is recommended.


Education, Reading

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