An annotated bibliography of advanced-level solo repertoire written for the Disklavier

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


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J. Robert Floyd, Committee Chair


The Disklavier is a new device that can expand the capability of the conventional piano in texture, rhythm, and in a variety of other creative ways through interaction with a computer. This study compiles an annotated listing of seventy-two Disklavier compositions, providing pianists with a single source containing stylistic and performance information on solo Disklavier pieces.The entries in the bibliography are alphabetized by composer name, and, depending on availability, each entry includes the composer's birthplace and date of birth, title and date of each composition, place and date of its publication, commissioning body, dedication, first performer, location of first performance, level of difficulty, and approximate duration. The annotations briefly cover descriptions of compositions as well as performance requirements.Appendices include an index of composers; list of annotated works in alphabetical order by composer; classification by level of difficulty; classification by performance setting including the number of human performers and other instruments or equipment required; and a discography.



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