An educator's guide to teaching beginning oboe students

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


Music Performance

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Dennis Kam, Committee Chair


Establishing a proper method of instruction for beginning oboe students presents unique difficulties. While there have been several discourses published by leading orchestral and solo oboists regarding this medium, few truly discuss a methodology focused on students with no prior musical background. This study serves to develop an educational standard that includes a secure foundation of basic musical fundamentals, as well as progressively introduce the mechanics and techniques necessary for successful oboe playing.This essay will include an analysis of these techniques as well as other relevant topics associated with improving a student's musical fluency. Further research includes: a preliminary study of solfege; creating unique, motivational learning environment for students; and several insights from leading oboists and music educators. Finally, this paper concludes with a suggested instructional method for the first four phases of study that combines aspects from each researched area with this author's own perspectives.


Music; Education, Music

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