A musical analysis of the compositions of Matyas Seiber for clarinet

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


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Margaret Donaghue Flavin - Committee Chair


The little known composer, Matyas Seiber, was a prolific composer and master teacher, with over eighty published works. Genres that Seiber composed for include choral, chamber, orchestral, jazz, and film music. The composer wrote a substantial output for woodwinds that has not been previously researched. Among these chamber works, Seiber has written several compositions for solo clarinet and various combinations of instruments. These works include a wind sextet, a duet for soprano and clarinet, a sonata for clarinet and piano, a concerto for clarinet and string orchestra, and a woodwind quintet. This output for the clarinet along with his unique style of composition warrant an in depth study of these works. This essay will try to bring Seiber's works for clarinet to the attention of educators and also collaborate historical information on his life and accomplishments.The essay will begin with an introduction and methodology, followed by a review of related literature and a biography of the composer. Four succeeding chapters will be dedicated to each of Seiber's works for clarinet and each will contain background information, analysis, and performance considerations.


Biography; Music

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